How Does an Organization’s Value System Impact the Success of an Organization?

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How does an organization’s value system impact the success of an organization? Organizational goals are built upon the identified values of a company, these values or the value system is directly responsible for a company’s success. For this reason, if a company is impending success, the organizational leaders have a responsibility to research, acquire, and develop the necessary environmental “inputs” needed to adequately produce the particular product/service the company has selected to explore. By adequately putting to use resources like direct employee information and knowledge (cultural knowledge), raw materials, human resources, money and capital, to name a few or “inputs” in the beginning stages of development is a huge impact on…show more content…
Lampert purchased Kmart stock while still in bankruptcy and painstakingly emerged from bankruptcy on May 6, 2003. Immediately after emerging from bankruptcy, Lampert begin the renaming and restructuring of the Kmart organization, closing some 300 stores and laying off some 30,000 employees. Lampert renamed the organization Kmart Holding Corporation and immediately begin trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange on June 10, 2003. References: Cleeland, Nancy and Abigail Goldman. "An Empire Built on Bargains Remakes the Working World." Los Angeles Times, November 23, 2003. "Wireless Grapes; Seeking new sales to Wal-Mart, a produce supplier goes high tech," Fortune Small Business, March 6, 2006 Wal-Mart Web Site
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