How Does the Brain Work? Essay

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How do we learn? What makes us smart and how do we remember what we have learned, what can I do to motivate myself and others, what makes us do the things we do? These are all questions that a student teacher needs to have answered in order to be able to teach effectively. Following are some explanations that have guided my understanding of how I have learned and how I can become more effective in my teaching practice. The brain is a good place to start when we talk about learning. “It is sometimes referred to as a muscle of thinking.” (Biology are lots of different parts to the brain, but the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain are the biggest parts of the brain. There are billions of nerve cells …show more content…
The area that controls language (forebrain) shows most development in infancy and early childhood, when children are starting to gain more and more language (Krause,2010).In my years of working as a child care worker I have observed that, some children of the same age seemed to arrive at different developmental stages at different times. For example one child aged twelve months , could walk and move around obstacles with ease, her language was average for a child of her age ,yet another child of the same age was only able to sit on her bottom, did not attempt to walk or even crawl, but her language was outstanding. The brain is such a complex organ, I have learned the basic structure of the brain, and am able to better understand why some children in childcare were able to do things, others could not. It seems childhood is a crucial time for children and brain development, even though genetics play a great part in the way our brain is structured, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and a good variety of experiences all play a part in the way our brain develops from early childhood (Krauss, 2010). There are two main Psychological theories of learning I would like to discuss, the first being Vygotsky’s (social constructivism), the second Piaget’s (personal constructivism) theories .Constructivists learning theories basically centre on the believe that the student is an active learner and has to build on his/her own learning.

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