How Does the Brain Work?

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People with Neurological disorders struggle to function normally and knowing there is no cure to help them, it is frustrating. Cancer patients do struggle just like the patients with Neurological disorders but there is more patients with Neurological disorders than Cancer patients. The problem is more funding is given to Cancer research as opposed to Neurological research. A Patient with a Neurological disorder can be disabled their whole life without being able to do anything. It would only be fair to help those patients enjoy their life just like one does. If more funding was given to Neurological research, these patients could have a brighter future ahead of them. Fundings’ should be taken away from Cancer research to help Neurologists find new cures or new treatments to Neurological disorders that affect the lives of many people in America.
The brain is a very complex organ that researchers are still trying to fathom. “ … I DO know that scientists are working to understand HOW the brain works and are trying to figure out exactly how it is hard-wired, so they can then explain WHY we have certain reactions, develop diseases, etc.” said Ms. Buchanan. The main parts are the Frontal lobe, Central sulcus, Cerebellum, Temporal lobe, Parietal lobe, Sylvian fissure, and Occipital lobe. Each of these parts are responsible for the various movements one does, the thinking process, memory and many…

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