How Does the Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and Usa

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How Does The Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and USA Intro I have chosen the issue of childhood obesity in Wales and America. I have chosen this issue as obesity is a main problem in today’s society, and I want to see how Wales compares to what is known as the ‘Fattest’ country, America. Also I hope to find out the main reasons behind the high or low rates in obesity. This topic interests me as it has a big impact on today’s youth, and I as a rugby player would prefer to see more people out exercising than sitting in the house eating. Aims For my investigation I have found both secondary and primary information. My secondary information is from various sources off the internet. This will help me find out the…show more content…
With the United Kingdom number three in the world with 23% of the population being classed as obese. Rank Country %Population Obesity 1 USA 30.6 2 Mexico 24.2 3 United Kingdom 23 (information from America is rated the number one for obesity in the whole world, with a 30.6% of the population being classed as obese. Also it has had its own T.V. documentary show done on it, “Super Size Me” which shows what Americans eat and the drastic damage it can do to your body. I have found from my research that child obesity is a major issue in Wales and more so, America. There needs to be drastic changes to try solve this problem, yet there doesn’t seem anyone/any organisation big enough to do so. However, there are small changes over world that I have noticed, such as schools taking out more fatty foods and bringing in new healthy options to take there place. This started with Jamie Oliver going round Britain looking at school dinners and then giving the children a new healthy option. Also from my research I have found that in both America and Wales the main cause seems to be an unhealthy diet combined with a lack of exercise. High-calorie foods such as chocolates, sweets and fast food are cheap and readily available to children. Alongside this, physical activity and exercise are no longer a part of most children's days - some children never walk or cycle to school or play sport. Instead, many of them

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