How Does the Concentration of the Sodium Thiosulfate Affect the Rate of Reaction to Hydrochloric Acid?

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How does the concentration of the sodium thiosulfate affect the rate of reaction to hydrochloric acid?


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In my investigation I am trying to find out how the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulfate and hydrochloric acid gets affected but the concentration of the thiosulfate.

My prediction is that the increased concentration of the thiosulfate will in turn lead to an increase in the rate of reaction. This is a well informed prediction as I know that one of the factors that speeds up rates of reaction is the increasing of the substrate, this
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The way in which the preliminary's helped was so I could try out different concentrations and different volumes to work out which ones would produce the most accurate and widely spread results I could manage. The final way they helped is a simple one, the got me used to doing the experiment so by the time I needed to do my real results and real experiment I could get everything ready, start and finish quite fast and accurately.
Initial method:
My initial method was as follows:
First I made sure that I had prepared the equipment required and has checked to see if they were all working and reliable, making sure not to have forgotten anything. Then I made sure to fully protected my eyes and face by then putting some safety goggles on.
The next bit of preparation was to mark the cross on the piece of paper, I did this with a biro which was the thinest pen I could find, this meant that the cross i drew was as accurate as possible.
I then boiled a kettle it make boiling water which i was going to put in the conical flask later on. After that I started to make the concentration of the sodium thiosulfate by mixing it with the correct volume of water in the measuring cylinder
The actual test:
All I had to do now was to add the concentration of sodium thiosulfate to the hydrochloric acid
At the exact same time as the above step happens I start the stopwatch.
Making sure that the conical flask is directly on-top of the cross
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