How Does the Public Sector Work? Essay

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If you don't understand how the public sector is supposed to work, how can you ensure that it is working? An easy definition of public administration is, “the implementation of government policies” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2010), or, “the implementation of public policy” (, 1997). While policies and procedures seem to be continuously up for debate, it should be noted that, an informed public are the only sure-fire way to ensure that the public sector stays on track with meeting the needs of its constituents. People, as a whole, tend to appreciate good leaders. “It is the task of a leader to connect people with purpose” (Blunt, 2007). Why does this help us in the public sector? To paraphrase J.D. Straussman, leaders…show more content…
As previously reviewed, the four functions of Public Administration are organization (structure and process), personnel administration (and collective bargaining), decision making, and budgeting and finance (Becketts, 2010). While all of these things have their place in the private and public sectors, we've seen in recent years, that the public sector has a genuine problem with the budgeting and financing aspects of itself. Problems begin with the the fact that, as constituents, we are overly trusting of the politicians that we elect to office and have not taken the time to learn the truth behind the matters. Unfortunately, in today's world, it appears that our politicians are more concerned about being re-elected than the needed transparency within the public sector. The current Wikileaks scandal seems proof positive that we do need more governmental transparency. Do we really know how the government is doing our budgeting? Have we read through the, sometimes, thousands of pages of budget bills in Congress? Have your legislators read those pages? How can we know for sure? The truth is, we can't know. But, we can exercise our rights to learn the truth, hold politicians and legislators responsible for their actions, and fight to ensure the health, safety, of our constituents. Part of this issue, particularly in politicians and elected
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