How Does the Writer Create Tension and Convey Sympathy for Ikemefuna in This Passage from the Novel?

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How does the writer create tension and convey sympathy for Ikemefuna in this passage from the novel? In his novel, Things Fall Apart, Achebe interconnects and associates events that occur in Umuofia with emotions and feelings that hint at what is to come. A prime example of this is Achebe’s use of literary techniques in chapter seven, that create tension and convey sympathy for Ikemefuna and conclude in his tragic death. At the beginning of the novel, we find out that Ikemefuna has been given up to the Ibo tribe as a sacrificial compensation in order to prevent a war. Before the council has decided Ikemefuna’s fate, he is sent to live with Okonkwo’s family, and during the period of three years, Ikemefuna…show more content…
In addition, Achebe uses the phrase “suddenly a shadow fell on the world’, which suggests that an expected event will bring an end to the age of happiness and ease in Okonkwo’s household and Ikemefuna . While Okonkwo, Nwoye, and Ikemefuna are feasting upon the locusts, a man named Ezeudu pays Okonkwo a visit. Achebe describes Ezeudu’s visit on page 50, writing, “He refused to join in the meal, and asked Okonkwo to have a word with him outside…When they were out of ear-shot, he said to Okonkwo: “That boy calls you father. Do not bear a hand in his death…Yes, Umuofia has decided to kill him.” Achebe implies that Ezeudu brings bad news by describing the caution Ezeudu takes to avoid being overheard and his decision to not partake in the meal. Also, now Okonkwo is forced to decide what actions he is going to take and how far he should be involved in Ikemefuna’s death. Okonkwo’s fears result in his taking great effort in order to avoid appearing weak or feminine, yet the decision Okonkwo faces is whether or not he will allow his insecurities to take precedence over the advice that Ezeudu has given them. Achebe uses Okonkwo’s dilemma as a way to convey a sense of tension. The next day, Okonkwo tells Ikemefuna that he is returning to his own home. Achebe describes Ikemefuna’s reaction on page 51, writing, “He still missed his mother and his sister and would be very glad to see them. But somehow he knew he was not going to see

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