How Dogs Impact Life

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Dogs Impacting your life
Thomas Jefferson once said, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” The American Veterinary Medical Association says that 36.5% of all households have dogs. Think, 36.5% of households have best friends in their house. There's got to be a reason why such a large percentage of households have a dog. Well the reason why is that dogs impact people’s lives in many different ways. Dogs impact lives by helping them with their everyday needs, they find and rescue people, and they help people get through tough times

One reason dogs impact people’s lives, is they help people with their everyday needs. Some dogs help people when they're blind, they are deaf, or have other medical needs. Most dogs are used as household pets. But some people need dogs for other needs. Someone named Joanne, would often get seizures. But her dog Willie sensed her
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Many cases is when someone is depressed, and the dogs help the people get through their depression. According to Phsyc Central, there was a study, “The study enrolled 37 nursing home residents who scored high on a loneliness scale and who were interested in receiving weekly half-hour visits from dogs. Half of the residents had quiet time alone with the pooches. The other half shared the dog with other nursing home residents. Both groups said they felt less lonely after the visit, but the decrease in loneliness was much more significant among the residents that had the dogs all to themselves.” There are many types of being depressed, and being lonely is one of them. These dogs impacted the people because it helped them be happy and not feel lonely. There is another story that I read where a Veteran came home and he was about to commit suicide, but his pet dog licked him in the face right before, and it made him think about what he was doing. That dog helped him through the depressing thoughts of war, and impacted the rest of his
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