How Domestic Violence Affects Children As Well As The Mental Health Of Its Victims

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Research Methods II
Chapter II
Clark Atlanta University
Whitney M. Young Jr School of Social Work
LaShoney Frink

Review of Literature
The purpose of this literature is to deliver an extensive overview of the research topic. This chapter will provide a historical background on domestic violence, a historical perspective of the services provided and an overview of different forms of domestic violence. The goal of this literature review is to examine the statistical information that is presented as it relates to domestic violence. This literature review will also reveal how domestic violence affects children as well as the mental health of its victims. In addition, this chapter will include the Afrocentric perspective and theoretical framework as they relates to the research topic.
Historical Perspective
Understanding domestic violence is the key to solving the root of the problem. During the colonial period, intimate partner violence was justified by the belief that women were property of men to discipline and control (Encylopedia. of Interpersonal Violence 2008). Many believed the historical inequality of women and gender socialization of females and males contribute to the roots causes of domestic violence. Until 1960s, women who were raped or suffered violence in there homes had no formal place or safe haven to go to get help or support. Shelters and services for victims of domestic violence did not exist and there was little, if any, response from criminal or
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