How Dopamine Works Human Body

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How Dopamine works in Human Body 1. Dopamine 2. Drugs 3. Dopamine Deficiency 4. Dopamine Treatments

Introduction Pleasure, happiness, love, excitation, motivation, pain, anxiety, sad, anger, and all emotional feelings related to human being are linked to the chemicals and hormones that reach to the brain. The human body needs to function properly using the chemicals, hormones and fluids to be found in balance. This state of being balanced is called homeostasis . If one or more of these chemicals fall out of balance from either an increase or a decrease in their levels, this may cause the systems of the body to work less efficiently. Moreover, chemical imbalances can occur for a number of reasons and may affect the body in a variety of ways. There are many internal and external factors that cause chemical imbalance in human body as well human brain. This paper focuses on one of the chemicals secreted by brain, dopamine, and the external organic elements that affect its secretion and function throughout the brain and body.
Dopamine is one of the organic chemical compounds secreted by the brain. It is mainly produced in areas of the central and peripheral nervous systems, substantial-nigra. It is a neurotransmitter ( ) that is mainly
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