How Dove Is Moving The Needle Across World

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Beginning in 2010 Dove launched Dove Men+Care designed to help him be comfortable in his own skin. The product line consists of Face and Body Wash, Bars, and Antiperspirants and Deodorants. In addition to helping women take great care of themselves, the Dove Men+Care line has proven successful within the Unilever commitment to quality. (CITE) At a high-level within this essay we will review buyer behavior, and how Dove is moving the needle throughout global. Two sections will be explored: first, how does Unilever’s marketing efforts involve the 5-step decision-process model; second, dive a bit deeper in regards to the key variables within the post purchase. From the packaging to appealing fragrances, and advertising with relevant sports…show more content…
If we were to look into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, moving past the most basic needs to the emotional level, one would be living up to full potential by just using these products. The global strategy for Dove could be to motivate the consumer to need, or want their product and cause them to reach satisfaction. Another would be to broaden Dove’s product line to also include men. Enjoying the benefits of a product like that of Dove M+C, one moves toward achieving full potential by becoming attached emotionally. The consumer decision process begins when consumers recognize they have an unsatisfied need. (CITE) The second step is to compare product information regarding options. There is risk, or at least perceived risk associated with any purchase, but with this product the risk is lower. Purchasing clothing, or getting a new style of haircut with no thought put into the decision can equate to a higher level of risk and a compromised self-image. With any product in the Dove M+C line there is relatively low risk to ones self-image, therefore any competitive product in this category equals the playing field. With that said, an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals would be a reason to terminate the relationship with the product. The evaluation stage recognizes all options available to the consumer. Poring over the choices in the health and beauty category, and evaluating individual brands can be overwhelming when choice will most likely come down to
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