How Dove Segments And Targets The Market For Personal Care Products

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Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how Dove segments and targets the market for personal care products. Market segmentation is dividing the market into buying groups, and then targeting certain segments. So Dove does this by dividing the market in to two major buying groups’ men and women. To further the segmentation of the market Unilever (the parent company of Dove) breaks down the male segment in to two different age groups. Men over the age of 25 are targeted with Dove plus Men where, where men under that age are targeted by Axe products. They then look at what men in the 25 to 54 are experiencing in life and what their needs and wants will be. With most of them working, being married and having other adult responsibilities they look to target that kind of man and build from there. They are looking for a specific person who is the ideal candidate for this item. Where they are looking ideally for a man in a specific age rang and life stage they are going for a specific type of man. They use the rouged man approach with a manly gray bottle and manly accent colors it reassure the Which market targeting strategy is Dove following? Explain. Dove uses the niche marketing strategy; it is present with Dove based products as well as many other items offered by Unilever. When Dove breaks down a product to a specific group that is a niche they continue to break that group down till the get a specific niche that they can directly target this market,

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