How Draupadi Can Easily Be Seen As A Feminist Icon

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Draupadi can easily be seen as a feminist icon all throughout the Mahabharata. Despite playing a female character in the Hindu epic, she becomes the wife of the five Pandavas: Arjuna, Bheema, Yudhishtira, Nakul, and Sahadeva. Draupadi can be seen as firm woman, since without even a touch of her finger, she destroyed her enemies and watched them cry out in pain. A clear example of this, would be when Draupadi watched as Bheema ripped off the arms of Dushasana, the man who had blatantly humiliated and insulted Draupadi by dragging her by her hair on the floor as the others watched the trail of blood that followed along. Bheema, one of the five Pandavas and Draupadi’s husband, sought out vengeance for his wife, and made it quite clear that he would not let Draupadi be treated in such a manner. Instead, Bheema insisted on repeating the very same actions that Dushasana did when he humiliated and insulted Draupadi, by also dragging him by his hair, before ripping both of his arms apart and watching him bleed out gruesomely. In the meantime, Draupadi watched her enemy be dismantled, her expression and mind reverting back to the very same actions that Dushasana had done to her. It is due to this, that Draupadi can be seen as a women and force to not be reckoned with. She was powerful enough to have her husband feel her vengeance and carry it out by brutally dismantling Dushasana. To top this off, she showed her husbands just what kind of powerful women she was, by getting her

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