How Dreams Help Us Grow And Prepare For Life

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Running to a door and never reaching it, falling with no end, being chased by something but never being able to run fast enough; what do all these dreams mean? From going to school and forgetting your pants, to running through a field of flowers dreams have different interpretations. There have been many theories behind not only the meaning of dreams, but also how they originated. From different religious views to Freudianism to Neo-Freudianism, dreams have had a constant impact on our understanding of life. Some theories explain how dreams help us grow and prepare for life. Others theorize how they help us sort through unresolved and/or repressed wishes; while others thought dreams as mediums between our world, and that of the gods. Dreams continue to be theorized, asked unanswered questions; for all we know, unanswered prayers. Of the earliest theories behind dreams, the Greeks had many theories of their own. The Greek god of dreams, Morpheus, was believed to be the messenger of the gods to man. Son of Hypnos (god of sleep) and Pasithea (goddess of hallucination, meditation, and relaxation), Morpheus was believed to be sent into the dreams of man, kings and servants alike, to deliver a message from the gods. These dreams, believed to have prophetic powers, where they could show you a message; a lesson to be learned, or of danger to come. Morpheus was believed to have the ability to form into any figure; usually that of a man, but his true form was that of a winged daemon.
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