How Dress Code Takes Meaning And Life Out Of Clothes

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Con Dress Code “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” A quote from Marc Jacobs. So as you listen to the this speech think about what that means and how dress code takes meaning and life out of clothes. Fashion is a personal art you can tell what people like to do, eat, watch, and play when you look at their clothing. If you were wearing a Marshall sweatshirt and I didn 't know you I would immediately know that you most likely go to marshall, root for marshall, and play a sport for marshall I knew all of that by an item of clothing so when you tell us what to wear your telling us what to say which is going against the bill of rights. Dress code is a controversial topic. The people who are for dress code belive that it helps keep order in the system. They also believe it teaches us what is or is not correct to wear in a place of business. The others who are against dresscode belives that it makes us conform to what society thinks is pretty or handsome and appropriate.As a young girl in america I strongly believe that girls should have the right to wear whatever they want to wear and anything that tries to conform the voice of just girls are sexist childish and are teaching us that boys have more rights than girls. School dress codes are ridiculous! Most schools have a dress code that their female, and some male students don’t agree with. There are things in the student body dress code for mms, that I will now read to you. “Students may wear

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