How Drinking Alcohol Affects the Brain Essay example

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The topic I chose for my essay is how alcohol can affect the brain. I used Google and

Bing as my research database. Initially I found a lot of information on drinking alcohol, but

that covered every aspect of it. I wanted to incorporate as much information that I had found

on drinking alcohol as I could. From drinking and driving, how people think when they are

under the influence, to how alcohol affects the brain. I wanted to make sure I touched base

with everything I had learned. I found the most obvious fact, that alcohol can be a very serious

problem when not used responsibly. I wanted to try to present both side of alcohol, so I could

chose and articles by people who were open minded.

Not only can alcohol
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The people being interviewed

revealed more than 2,000 individual decisions that led to alcohol impaired driving. The

decisions were then broken down into several categories as shown on the graph attached. Little

is known as to what leads people to continue to drinking and driving. But as research shows,

people do think, prior to drinking, how they will get home. It’s after they have already drank

that they decide to get behind the wheel.

Not only could someone driving under the influence affect a person, it could affect

someone else on the road at the same time; it could affect the family members having to deal

with the alcoholism and possibly death. Who knew alcohol did so much to the brain. It is a

curiosity to many as to why people would drink and drive knowing they shouldn’t. People

whom drink on a regular basis do not necessarily realize they are under the influence. It can be

fun to drink and hang out with your friends, but if you choose to get behind the wheel of a car

you could be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Why take the chance harming

yourself or someone else? People who drink and drive for the first time, than more than likely

will do it again if they made it home safely the first time. Drinking and driving is a choice many

people make, unfortunately it's the wrong
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