How Drugs Affects Individuals With The Chemical And Compounds Inside The Drug

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Marie Belony
25, October 25, 2015
A hangover is when a person consumes high amounts of alcohol and become intoxicated beforehand. Soon afterward the person receives symptoms such as headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, and nausea. Moreover, most people have found others way of reaching an out-of-state mind with drug substances. Drugs could be purchase off the counter of a pharmacy store or in the streets. Most of these drugs affect individuals with the chemical and compounds inside the drug. If you ever watch the movie “The Hangover” it would show that drugs and alcohol are a bad combination to mix within the movie.
The movie starts off with phones ringing and going straight to voicemail from three individuals. The three individuals usually cannot remember what happen the other night because of drinking and taken a drug that they did not know about. The drug that the men took was called Rohypnol or also known as roofies. Which is a drug is use for date raping because when taking the drug you will not be able to remember what happen the other night. Throughout the movie the three men loses a 4th person and try to search for the other person while trying to remember what happen the other night. This happen actually twice once the men lost one of their friends while in Las Vegas and another in Bangkok, Thai. In Las Vegas the three men go through a long journey remembering bit and pieces of what happen to the person they are looking for and when
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