How Dyslexia Occurs

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Dyslexia Introduction According to science, the brain controls all the functions of the body. It explains how important the brain is in ensuring that all the body functions are normal. There are instances when some parts of the brain fail to function normally and this could affect the normal behavior of the person. It may not be easy to define brain based cognitive impairment as the definitions are normally very broad. An individual suffering from this disorder usually experiences some difficulties in a number of mental tasks. The cognitive disorders not only affect people at a certain age as most people perceive it to be, but it affects people of all ages (Glen, 2009). There are cases where children are born with this disorder…show more content…
It is said to be beneficial in treating the disorder which are psychiatric, psychological and mental. The psychiatric disorders that can be treated using this procedure are like personality disorders and depression. The psychological disorders are like problems in emotional control such as anger (Beck, 1975). In acquired dyslexia, especially on patients with the brain damage, it may develop under the selective process suggesting the dyslexia, at least to some extent, is a neuroanatomical distinct process. If the lesion disrupts the visual semantic route in specific, then the patient needs to rely upon the phonological route for reading. These patients may read regular words in a relatively easy process. The same patients may also be successful at reading the artificial nonsense words that are subject to construct using the standard phonetic rules, such as ‘midbod .' More so, since surfacing of dyslexics needs to rely on the phonetic analysis on the entire basis, they tend to be making several spelling errors that are phonetically plausible, but also visually incorrect. It justifies why patients diagnosed with dyslexics tend to be making phonetic regularization errors. Not all types of acquired dyslexics fall entirely on the phonological and visual developmental categories. Most patients diagnosed with dyslexia display the combination of both phonological and visual problems, and
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