How Dysmenorrhea Is Treated?

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How Dysmenorrhea is Currently Treated
Dysmenorrhea is pain relating to the menstrual cycle, but in TCM it is broken down further into a number of different disorders. Each type of dysmenorrhea is treated differently because each type has a different cause. There is a common thread in all the types of dysmenorrhea, “In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dysmenorrhea is mainly due to the impeded flow of qi and blood. For example,
“Qi and blood deficiency or qi stagnancy aggravated by blood stasis may cause the retardation of the menstrual flow and result in dysmenorrhea.” (A World of Chinese Medicine)
However, it can be classified as hot or cold; excess or deficiency; or blood or qi stagnation. (yin and yang house) This is better understood through a case study of one of the types of dysmenorrhea.
Case Study
An eighteen year old woman has been coping with dysmenorrhea since menarche at thirteen. This is a case of primary dysmenorrhea because there is a lack of proper function in the reproductive system to begin with. This is either a structural or a functional problem. This has led to a stabbing pain that has been self treated with heat, this indicates there may be a cold accumulation leading to excess. This diagnosis was supported by the white coating found on the tongue and the wiry pulse. She was treated with needling in ST 36, moxabustion on points CV4, CV8, and ST28. This warmed the patient and dispelled the accumulation of cold. It was recommended that she…
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