How E-Commerce Has Become Vital to World Economics

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Now e-commerce is become so vital to world’s economics. E-commerce is an vital driving force of the world economic growth. The development of modern logistics in e- commerce environment, made the logistics in the development of in validation, networking, smart direction. The logistics manufacturing in China happening late, not modern enough, controlling the development of e-commerce logistics in China. This article research base on the domestic and international study of e-commerce logistics, analyze the characteristics and mode of e-commerce logistics, combined with the current situation and existing problems of e-commerce logistics in china, which proposed the development trend of e-commerce logistics system information technology in china is the integration of Logistics and purchasing. Over a year ago, China’s track to e-commerce management would have been tough to predict, even as the tech boom in the US and new markets saw the improvement of e-commerce as an important B2C and C2C channel. In 2000, China had yet to improving some e-commerce applications, and had only 2.1 million overall internet users. Payment procedure and physical distribution tools to enable the development of e-commerce trades were well-grew in other markets, but were just lacking in China. Today with Chinese internet consumers rapidly upcoming 600 million, and e-commerce profits development from 2009 until 2012 covering 70 percent compounded annually, China is on step to pass the United State and
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