Essay about How E-Learning Affects our Society

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Nowadays, the advancing science and technology in the twenty-first century are bringing many benefits to the community, especially through the internet. In the field of E-learning, the internet is very handy. Many people prefer to study at home; the e-learning program allows students to study themselves anywhere in the country to obtain a tertiary education and get an online degree. E-learning will become a trend in the future. Although many people believe that e-learning brings many negative effects to the society, there are actually many positive effects of e-learning. Firstly, E-learning can help to develop knowledge of the internet and computer skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers. Students will learn by…show more content…
In the advanced science and technology century, e-learning will be a convenient way of learning. It is because students can email their problems and questions to the lecturer. He or she can then reply as soon as possible through the internet. Haythornthwaite said that “She interact with her students more frequently. If there is a news article and she want her online students to read, she can post it and discussion can begin right away. The impact is quite immediate. ”(2008). Besides that, teachers and students will able follow up the latest education guide. It is because all information in the internet or software will upgrade. Furthermore, they also can download the new information or lasted education guide. It is really easily teachers and students. They will more easy to teaching and learning. They also can save their time to find the latest education guide and solution. According to Friedrich, “This is definitely a lot faster than retraining professors and reprinting books and manuals.” (2009). More to the point, e-leaning is also convenient for who are working but want to enhance their knowledge. They can still continue their jobs and study by e-learning. According to Haythornthwaite, “E-learning is defined as technology-based learning. Lectures, homework, quizzes and exams are delivered almost entirely or completely online” (2008).E-learning can help people
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