How EE Cumming's Experiences Influences His Poetry Essay

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EE Cummings was and is still one of the most well-regarded and unique poets of all time. His poems were unusual, but his strange way of writing is what grabbed people’s attention and made him so special. Many incidents in Cummings’ life affected his poetry, his experiences and his personality, which could clearly be observed in the poems he wrote. Cummings became such a well-known poet due to the effect of his life events on his poetry, his peculiar writing style and his strong connection with the topics of love and lust. The struggles and successes of his life developed his poetry in a huge manner. EE Cummings lived during a very eventful and historic era. He was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When he was a kid,…show more content…
While he was there, he befriended a fellow ambulance driver who would turn out to be an outspoken pacifist. When the French censors found mentions of “war-weariness” in Brown’s letters home, they recommended both be arrested. Cummings could’ve easily been released but out of loyalty to his friend, he refused to profess his hatred for all Germans. His time in prison became the inspiration behind his first official work, which was an autobiographical novel called “The Enormous Room”. The title of the book took its name from the huge barracks in France where Cummings slept with thirty other prisoners. In this book, he wrote about his time and prison and all his feelings while he was there. After he wrote his first book, he changed courses and entered the world of poetry. The way EE Cummings wrote his poetry is the main reason why he was such a unique poet. In almost all his poems, he talked about the topic of love and lust, but not in an ordinary manner. He used so much emotion and detail in his poems; it would create images in the reader’s head. When he talked about lust, it was very explicit yet beautiful, leaving a mark on the reader. All of these things made his poems very effective, grabbing the reader’s attention and sucking them right in. In conclusion, Cummings’ approach of writing made his poetry very evocative. Another reason why his poetry was extraordinary was because of his unusual grammar and errors. He revised grammatical and linguistic rules to suit
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