How Ecology Is Being Affected by Climate Change

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In the world today their has been a surge of scientific, political and economical forces hurdling to prove and disprove the existence of global climate change. I assert that the "symptoms" that our planet is suffering are the truest indications to justify worrying about our collective future on this land; which I will present in terms of how the ecology is being effected by global climate change. In an article reporting the findings of a study conducted in Israel by Tarryn Schuldiner-Harpaz and Moshe Coll entitled "Effects of Global Warming on Predatory Bugs Supported by Data Across Geographic and Seasonal Climatic Gradients" the authors state, "[The] average global surface temperature... has risen by approximately 0.75 [degrees Celsius] during the past 100 years (1906–2005)... average temperatures rose by approximately 0.13 [degrees Celsius] per decade..." And indicated that the majority of the change had occurred between 1956 through 2005 (Schuldiner-Harpaz and Coll). The study measured the effects of climate change on various species of insects in the area of and surrounding Israel. After collecting records of the climate gradients, annual temperature records, insect species samples of the region and comparing it to samples of current species morphology (the study of an organisms structure and form) how continuous change in climate effects said insects, and multiple region's annual temperatures records, they found that while some species were able to adapt to the
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