How Economics Changes Can Affect Families Lives

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How Economic Changes Can Affect Families Life
Williams Quiroga
COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing
April 18, 2011
April Adams

People around the country are living in a very hard economic crisis that they have experienced since 2008. This difficult situation has created circumstances that cause people to lose their jobs and companies taking the options of laying off employees, creating a big impact in many families around the country. This situation has not improved at all in the last three years, which makes it very hard for anyone to find a job. The consequences for all these changes are affecting families’ lives in different ways emotionally, socially, and financially. According to the United States Department of
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For these people it can be the end because how will people be able to manage chronic disease without money and lack of insurance. An estimated of 2.4 million workers have lost the health coverage their jobs provided since the start of the recession, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximately, 1.3 million of these losses have occurred in the last four months (Nayla Kazzi, 2009, More Americans Loosing
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