How Education Affects Women 's Leadership

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This paper will examine how education factors affect women in leadership. There has greatly been misrepresentation of women in leadership positions, which exist in both the workplace and education institutions globally. Across the globe women are behind men in education, leadership positions, and having a voice in the workplace. This remains a growing issue for female leaders in the global business world. The question is what factors are contributing to the low percentage of women in leadership positions today.

Women and the Effects of Education & Communication on Leadership
This report will examine factors effecting women’s leadership in the global business culture. I reviewed an article by Catherine Hakim from
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These differences have, to a certain extent, placed women in the workplace at a disadvantage because of their perceived inferiority to men, mainly due to historical gender inequalities and the emotional feeling that their voices are not being heard. Women, who were once dependent on men, now make up half of the workforce. In the United States, 66 million women were employed in 2010, yet, regardless of the increasing numbers some women still struggle with having a voice in the workplace (Women’s Bureau). An article on the reason why women stay quiet at work entitled, “Speaking While Female”, by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, observed the producer of a television show, Glen Mazzara, during a story meeting and found that two female writers for the hit TV series “The Shield,” chose to remain quiet during these meetings. When pulled aside and encouraged to speak up by the television shows producer, they replied, “Watch what happens when we do.” It was noted that each time they started to speak they were interrupted or shot down before finishing their pitch. When one had a good idea, a male writer would jump in and run with it before she could complete her thought (Sandberg & Grant, 2015). Sandberg & Grant argues that women are made to walk a tightrope or risk being judged as being too quiet or too aggressive for a female when they
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