How Education Can Be Taught Through The Education System

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Education can present itself in everyday life experiences, for instance, what a child learns from parents or siblings growing up, or the decisions made as a grown up. As humans, our knowledge does not entirely come from what we learn in school, because there is only so much that we can be taught through the education system. Learning has to do with expanding our minds and stepping out of our bubbles because sometimes what we learn in the streets better prepares us to adapt to our everyday lives. Growing up, school was not particularly my favorite. All through middle school and high school, my teachers lacked passion and motivation when it came to teaching. In order to educate, the teacher must be able to connect with the student, yet my…show more content…
In the book, he also talks about how to have people cooperate with officers/officials. He goes into examples of students he taught that had no interest in his method of teaching. The students had gone as far as making threats to previous teachers, which led him to try a new method of teaching them. He got to know their interests, skills, and hobbies. One particular student was interested in mechanics, so he had him stand up in front of the class and teach his classmates what he knew. The following day he did the same with another student. This form of teaching allowed him to establish a teacher-student relationship and allowed him to connect with his students. Subsequently, he was able to incorporate his teachings to the class. Mr. Thompson’s method of teaching is one that should be applied to schools whenever possible. When people think of education, some may associate it with school, but not all education is taught at school. In a TEDx Talk video by Claire Leppord, a student at the University of Oregon, she speaks about her own opinion and personal experience not attending school growing up. As a child, her parents did not want to force education upon her, resulting in her not attending school. Despite the fact, she still learned to read, write, and do math. She learned about the human anatomy simply by drawing the human organs
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