How Education as a social institution impacts the Caribbean

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Describe how education as a social institution impacts on Caribbean Society and Culture Several social institutions exist in today’s society and they are family, education, religion and the justice system. The Caribbean is defined as that area on the earth located between five and twenty five degrees north of the equator and fifty five and ninety degrees west of the Greenwich meridian. In the Caribbean, education is one of the institutions that is viewed as having the most promise for betterment of a people. Education as a social institution greatly impacts the society and culture of the Caribbean. Education can be defined as the group of social organizations which see to the transmission of knowledge and skills needed for economic…show more content…
This process directly influences the society and culture of the Caribbean. Societies are made up of persons who live, work and generally interact with each other; role allocation allows each person to have a set position in the society to know what it is that they are responsible for. In Caribbean culture it is seen for men and women that certain jobs are for men and certain jobs are for females. However, with access to education these traditional roles can be changed where men and women are able to do any type of job they aspire to. As this happens each person can feel more at comfortable as they can now have a be sure of a place in society and also allows a changing of culture as it expands the roles, beliefs and attitudes in our society as men and women are no longer looked at with disdain if they are doing a job which may be seen as not fitting to their gender. In contrast to this the Marxist believes that education results in the generation of a group of unskilled who settle for low paying jobs or the increasingly prevalent occurrence of skilled workers doing jobs they are overqualified for. Our Caribbean society is filled with person in this position and as a result this has adverse effects on the growth of the society and culture. As this occurs many have chosen alternate routes in order to make money and do better for themselves, some to crime and others to the process
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