How Educators Can Provide Support For The Academic Succession Of Ell Students

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Leah Coleman TSL 4081 Spring Semester 2015 Dr. Rebecca Blankenship January 30, 2015 Thesis of Article In the 2014 October edition of the Education Update, authors, Kathy Checkley and Virgina Rojas discussed the topic of various ways that educators can provide support for the academic succession of ELL students. In their article Setting ELLs Up for Success, the authors stressed that along with the proper scaffolding techniques and student access, ELL students will thrive in a mainstream classroom. The objective of the article involves demonstrating the methodology in how to teach effectively for all and ELL students. Many times, language learners are looked upon as having a cognitive disability, when that is often not the case. The authors’ main purpose is to illustrate the significance of engaging ELL students in the class, providing good instruction, having high expectations, and building on students’ prior knowledge. Some of the essential features that were included in the article were ways to extend good practice for students which included expectations, assessment, and instruction. In order for ELL students to be set up for success, as included in the article, learning must also be socially and culturally connected. Thesis of Video In the 2014 film Reading to Learn: English Language Learners in Grades 4-6, Dr. Nonie Lesaux and Delia Pompa discuss the current challenges that English language learners, as well as their teachers, face in the

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