How Effective Teachers Become Partners With Parents

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Effective Teachers Become Partners with Parents Introduction The success of students depends on effective teaching and this efficient coaching is not required occasionally but every day in every classroom and discipline. An effective teacher not only influences the students' academic interests but also has a great influence on his//her physical, societal, emotional, and behavioral good (Killion & Hirsh, 2011). Teachers have a direct influence on "how students learn, what they learn, how much they learn, and the ways they interact with one another and the world around them" (Korkmaz, 2007). This effect on student achievement is understandable and apparent because the student achievement starts and finishes with the excellence, the instructional program, and guidance of the teacher (Korkmaz, 2007). However, the occurrence of effective teaching is only possible when every concerned member including parents/families, officials, community members, and educationalists contribute to the process of uninterrupted progress and student achievement. An effective teacher is familiar with the fact that in order to improve his/her teaching methods, effective professional learning is the only influential pathway (Killion & Hirsh, 2011). One of the eight principles for effective teaching outlined in Literacy for the 21st century: A Balanced Approach is that "effective teachers become partners with parents" (Tompkins, Campbell & Green, 2012). It is not an untold secret that home and
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