How Effective The Ymca Model Affected Weight Loss Essay

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A study called the Reaching Out to Prevent Increases in Diabetes (RAPID) was done by Ackermann, Liss, Finch, Schmidt, Hays, Marrero, and Saha of which the purpose was to EVALUATE how effective the YMCA model affected weight loss in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The sample population included 508 people over the age of 18 years old with a BMI of 24 or above, low income, nondiabetic. The design of this study was a 2-arm randomized effectiveness trial. In the first group, 257 people were given free memberships to the YMCA and were encouraged to participate in a DPP lifestyle intervention while the second group of 252 people was given short counseling sessions in which information was given about ways to modify their lifestyle through resources in the community. The method of measuring outcomes for this study was through the 2-stage generalized least squares instrumental variables approach. Ackermann et al. utilized a dichotomous indicator to determine how often participants attended YDPP, using 9 lessons as the definition of a legitimate attendance rate for this study (Ackermann et al., 2015). Within the YDPP group, 103 participants attended nine intervention lessons, 42.9% of whom were Caucasian and 39.5% of whom were African American, while 161 of the group 's participants attended only 1 intervention lesson. Those who attended at least nine lessons lost 5.3 kg more than the people in the control group. It was noted that at least 5% or more loss of weight was

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