How Effective Was The Hand Off For Preparing For Assess The Patient?

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How effective was the hand off for preparing to assess the patient? Are there additional questions that you would have liked to ask your nurse practitioner? I would rate the preparation handoff with nurse practitioner (NP) Edyta Pedlowska as successful. NP Pedlowska was knowledgeable about Mr. Sands’ situation and answered many of the questions I had prepared before I had the chance to ask. Within the first minutes of the meeting NP Pedlowska had explained that Mr. Sands was following up for his COPD, explained that he has chronic pain related to a fractured vertebrae injury five years prior and was experiencing a significant increase in pain in the past three weeks, he has a new caregiver as of three weeks ago, mentioned that he reported his new caregiver has changed his medication to generic form, and had a theory about the new caregiver possibly mismanaging the medication. We additionally identified possible depression and home oxygen as areas to explore during this visit. At times, I noticed I interrupted NP Pedlowska and disrupted her flow. At the time, I remember feeling a little frustrated because she was answering every question I had before I had a chance to ask it. In the moment, I was afraid of not having anything to contribute when she was done talking.
In reflection and after watching the handoff video I believe it would have been beneficial for me to ask if NP Pedlowska had discussed the negative results of the urine drug screen with Mr. Sands and what the…
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