How Effectively Did the Social, Cultural, Historical, Political Context of This Piece Communicate to the Audience?

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How is the material being researched and developed at significant stages during the process of creating drama?
Our stimulus: Madness
When we first got this stimulus, everyone focused on the common idea of madness as an illness and based at mental institutions, as madness is socially constructed and everyone differs to different people, we decided not to follow that path as there are many people who doesn’t fit the set meaning of insane but are still regarded as insane and this also made us question ‘who is insane/sane?’.
Our initial ideas were developed through researches about madness. Firstly we agreed to base our play on personality disorder, that the main character would be someone with 5 different personalities and have each person
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no regret (inside) smiling (outside).
Firstly I reflected on his childhood this helped me get into character, I looked ahead and used that moment to physically get in role then I moved on to his time in the army, I did this by pretending he was wear his badges and looked down at it, in this moment I thought about his achievement in the army and how he became a dictator, I then sat down and reflected on his personal life, I looked at his dad’s picture and remember what his dad said that he should fight for what he believes in and that was what he did. He is happy and doesn’t feel any regrets because he accomplished his goal and whatever happens to him now won’t change that, when he was getting beaten up he was just smiling and was ready for anything.
I found this scene more effective after changing it from him committing suicide, as it gave me time to reflect on the character rather than worrying about the most effect way for him to kill himself.

How did you and your group explore the possibilities of structure and performance style?
Our play uses variety of styles, mainly Brecht’s epic theatre as our play depicts political message. Our play is structured as montage as it shows different stages of George’s life in a non-chronological order, we effectively did this
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