How Effectively Performance Appraisal Meets the Needs of the Employer and the Employee

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With reference to different types of performance appraisal, discuss how effectively performance appraisal meets the needs of the employer and the employee. “Performance appraisal” is a discrete, formal, organizationally sanctioned event, usually not occurring more frequently than once or twice a year, which has clearly stated performance dimensions and/or criteria that are used in the evaluation process. Furthermore, it is an evaluation process, in that quantitative scores are often assigned, based on the judged level of the employee‟s job performance on the dimensions or criteria used, and the scores are shared with the employee being evaluated. (Angelo S. DeNisi and Robert D. Pritchard, 2006)…show more content…
From the beginning they aim to gain good result. Employer and employees individually formulate the list of tasks and then tasks are discussed and conformed with the opinon of majority. It shows, that everyone in the enterprise allowed to take part in planning general effective strategy of organization. Additionally, criteria and time, which are required for doing tasks, are defined optimally. On the other hand, some weaknesses exist. Firstly, its about subjectivity – employer makes the final decision, he also estimates whole work. This can cause dissatisfaction among employees and lead to conflict in interpersonal relationships. Nevertheless, this part can be avoided, if employees understand and agree with evaluating criteria of their performance. Owing to this, trust and general social-psychological climate in the company is strengthened. Moreover, its not always possible to set such goal for employees, that is focused on final result. If the employee has not fully achieved the target, the method of management by objectives wouldn’t have explained why it happened, it has just stated the fact. Managers and HR professionals are required to make significant efforts to explain purposes of the introduction of such system. They must create favorable psychological climate in the organization before system’s official implementation. Thereby, the emphasis concentrates only on measurable orientations. The positive aspect of that fact is
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