How Elie Was Saved By American Soldiers

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The covenant Elie and his father shared throughout this story was something special. Much like God and Abrahams covenant, Elie and his father vowed to keep each other safe even when that meant putting their lives on the line for each other. Elie did everything in his power to keep his father alive as long as he could. Some of the prisoners viewed all this ongoing struggle as a sort of a test. Many kept preaching that this was a test given by God that they had to go through in order to make it to heaven, much like the tests God put Abraham through. Meaning that there will be specific tasks that will have to endure that they might not seem fitting during life in order to ensure that they will go to heaven. In the end, Elie was saved by American soldiers. He was extremely grateful for this because he might not have made it much longer. There were specific times in the book where it was obvious to see that Elie had wanted to give up and die on this journey. Elie showed us how strong he was mentally to be able to endure what he did and still come out with faith in God. One of the greatest traits about this book is the endless connections one can make through the experiences Elie went through.
Some may argue that Elie lost his faith in God throughout his journey. I believe that in the end why he did not lose his faith was because he made it out alive. His dad was one of the reasons why Elie made it. Elie felt like he owed it to his dad to make it home and try and find his sister
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