How Email Can Improve Your Customer Service

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As well as focusing on the above steps with your online customer service, it is essential to ensure you make the most of your email communication. Many businesses overlook the effect and importance emails can have in forging good customer relations. But the emails you send to your customers can have a big impact, not just in terms of better customer service but also as a brand building method. Use emails as advertising opportunity First, you need to understand that customer service emails aren’t only about aiding the customer with his or her queries; you can also use them as a marketing device. Naturally your first priority is on solving the problem the customer has, but the emails you send are more than a tool to help. This means that it is important you focus on building your brand through the emails you send and provide information to the customer that could lead to new shopping decisions. It is important that your customer service emails have information on your new product lines, perhaps suggestions of other products the customer might use based on the query, and exclusive offers for the customer. Follow the right email etiquette Businesses are not only overlooking the power of email customer service, they are often ignoring the correct email etiquette. It is crucial to make sure your customer service emails follow the correct format. The most essential aspects of good email customer service etiquette include: • Proper grammar – you need to make sure the
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