How Emotions Affects Emotions And Emotions

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Emotions and moods are part of our everyday lives. From the time we awake in the morning until the moment we close our eyes to sleep, we experience some type of emotion or mood. What are emotions and moods? Emotions are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. Moods are feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that often (though not always) lack contextual stimulus (Robbins & Judge, 2009). A number of lifestyle events affect or emotions and moods. A new position at work that carries more responsibilities, moving to a new state or city, having a child, losing a loved one, and getting engaged or married can all have a bearing on our emotions and moods. These same lifestyle events can affect our emotions and moods and carry over into our work environment. A recent study determined that a person who starts his or her day in a “good mood” may experience a work event differently than when he or she is in a “bad mood”. Moreover, start-of-workday mood and the way employees feel after encountering work events may have an important relationship with daily work performance (Rothbard & Wilk, 2011). On a personal note, I try to start each day in a positive mood. As a believer, I know from personal experience that spending time alone reading scripture, meditating and prayer before leaving for work provides me a sense of inner peace and balance before starting my day. This Book of the Law shall not depart from your
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