How Emotions Are Shown Through Open Forms Of Body Language Essay

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Emotions are described as an underlying spark or force that motivates us to react (Singleton, G., Robinson, J.C., & Robertson, J., 2012). They are proposed to have been formulated as an adaptive response to a stimuli, in which we pay attention to on some form of an unconscious or conscious level (Singleton, G., Robinson, J.C., & Robertson, J., 2012). Emotions are conveyed through a means of physical expression or cues; such as, our facial expression or body language (Singleton, G., Robinson, J.C., & Robertson, J., 2012). Positive emotions are displayed through open forms of body language such as relaxed arms, uncrossed arms; and it is shown through facial expressions such as, smiling, having raised eyebrows, and wide eyes (Singleton, G., Robinson, J.C., & Robertson, J., 2012). Since our emotions are in direct correlation to our motivations, they work in tandem in to create or represent a behavior. Our basic motives are believed to have originated from our ancestors, as well as other evolutionary factors. In human-being ancestry, men historically were known for being the hunter-gatherers for their families and communities, while women are known for being the nurtures that tend toward the children, the family, and household; many took on domestic behaviors (Singleton, G., Robinson, J.C., & Robertson, J., 2012). With this genetic programming, men are believed in this current day-and-age to be more aggressive, while women are viewed to still hold onto the nurturing and domestic
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