How Emotions Can Be Broken Down Into Four Basic Emotions

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Emotions play a major role in our everyday lives and reflect how we feel towards a certain situation. Upon reading through the chapters in the e-book, the topic of emotions peaked my interest. Relationships are common in society, but the emotions involved seem to be the downfall of most relationships. Which proposes the question; are we only able to show aspects of love at certain maturity levels? Emotions are displayed in a variety of ways. Based on research, an emotion is a, “Superordinate program whose function is to direct the activities and interactions of the subprograms governing perception (Cosmides). According to research by Glasgow University, “Human behavior can be broken down into four basic emotions” (Scotland). These emotions are generally noticed as: happy, sad, angry/disgusted, and afraid/surprised. Emotions are similar to classical conditioning due to the fact that they coincide with the stimulus and response situation. Emotions are both conditioned and unconditioned. For example, if an individual associates a conditioned stimulus such as a song, scent, or a location, with a certain emotion such as anger, fear, or happiness, then the response is conditioned because the stimuli brings forth the emotion. On the contrary, if we experience unconditioned stimuli such as being alone and lost in the dark, the unconditioned response of fear overwhelms you. Emotions are not only dependent upon a situation, but are also influenced by an individual’s level of
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