How Employee Attitudes Affect Customer Satisfaction

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HOW EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES AFFECT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Out line 1- Sales satisfaction 1.1 Definition 1.2 Factors that affect job satisfaction. 1.2.1 Sales skills 1.2.2 performance satisfaction 1.2.3 Motivation. 2- Customer satisfaction 2.1 Definition. 2.2 The Effect of Salesforce Behavior on Customer Satisfaction. a. Salesperson and Customer before Purchase Interaction 3- Measurements 4- Implementation Introduction Customer satisfaction is the most important goal for any organization and help to achieve other organizational goals like surviving and achieve more productivity and profitability. We can say that satisfying customer is critical to company success. It is important for company to understand how does achieve their customer satisfaction, Companies that are unable to satisfy customers can expect to lose market share. Company must know the tools to gain customers; the most important tool is sales person attitude. - Direct relation between customer and the firm is through sales person So we will examine how employee attitudes affect customer satisfaction and how customer satisfaction can affects company sales performance and profitability of the firm. A lot of studies explain the link between employee attitudes with customer satisfaction and company performance. The main assumption in the previous studies is there is positive relationship between employee attitude and customer satisfaction also we assume the same assumption and explain
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