How Employee Engagement Can Be Highly Affected By Leadership Communication

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It has been pointed out that organizational success in winning customer loyalty and a bigger share of the marketplace often accompanies by the actively engaged and loyal employees, especially in today’s flatter, more networked organizations. Leadership communication plays a vital role in generating this kind of commitment. Unfortunately, it appears that most efforts to shape an engaged culture are being missed from leadership communication (Tourish and Hargie 2009). Gallup (2013) conducted a survey revealing that only 13 percent of all employees are “highly engaged” at work, and 24 percent are “actively disengaged.” This means that there still remains confused about how can build up the engagement of employees through leadership communication despite the fact that there is a great deal of interest in this field.
This essay will analyze how employee engagement can be highly affected by leadership communication. It will also argue that communicative leaders are more effective in building more engaged and cooperative workplaces through enacting communicative leadership. Specifically, this essay will begin by briefly reviewing literatures from engagement and leadership communication. We then develop notions that link leadership communication to the employee engagement through four central communication behaviors of leaders.

The challenge presented by the literature is the lack of a universal definition of employee engagement. Most managers acknowledge the fact that employee…
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