How Engineers Are Faced With Ethical And Moral Issues

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Essay Proposal Outline The following outline will help me write my essay about how engineers are faced with the ethical and moral issues of bribery in the industry. I chose this issue because it is a topic that speaks close to me. I have been put into many situations at work and during internships where I ask myself whether it is a bribe or if it is just networking. This essay will not only discuss the issue of bribery in the industry but help me further understand how to analyze certain scenarios if I am offered something else in the future. I. Introduction • Introduce bribery and why it is considered a moral issue. o Bribery is considered to be the most common moral issue faced by engineers in any industry. This is considered to be a moral issue because each scenario is difficult to define and must be individually analyzed. An engineer must follow certain steps when faced with a moral issue of whether something is truly a bribe. This issue is important to discuss because if a bribe is accepted in the industry, it may lead to serious consequences, such as termination. • Thesis Statement: In order to determine whether a moral issue is categorized as a bribe, the ethical concepts of bribery must first be defined. II. Body i. Ethical Theory a. Define moral issue, application issue, and conceptual issue. How these relate to bribery. o A moral issue is defined when a decision must be made to determine whether an action is right or wrong. o An example of a moral issue is “.” o
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