How Entrepreneurs Align It And Strategy Essay

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NOTES - Introduction - IT USE IN BUSINESS Information Technology is inseparable from business operations and strategy. A survey conducted by the Small Business Administration in 2003 gives the statistic that 75% of small businesses have heavily invested in computing technology. This is an important and good trend, because the growth of IT has introduced methods and has facilitated the implementation of new business models. The traditional view of IT is that it is an enabler of efficient processing of routine operational activities and some specialized tasks have been automated. This makes it possible for in entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Size business to gain tremendous time efficiencies and reduce the need for specialized skills. This development has allowed SME 's streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance their customers experience before and after sales. IT has permeated every aspect of the business enterprise from planning strategy, to operations and implementation. The big question is how entrepreneurs align IT and Strategy? Business Objectives and Goals - Business Scorecard in determining business strategy Value Chain in determining business strategy - Primary Activities and Secondary Activities With the proliferation of Devices, Platforms and Applications, what is an entrepreneur to do? The Basics of IT The basics of IT Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs - Computing Hardware (Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smart Phones, other
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