How Environment Affects Middle Childhood Development

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How Surrounding environment affect Middle childhood development The process of development of human from birth to death is life long, multidimensional and multidirectional and affected by multiple interacting forces. He passes from various stages of process throughout his life cycle and felt different experiences, learn something new and improved himself. Before birth, human passed from various physical developmental stages during his fetus period and after birth he tries to adjust in his outdoor environment and acquired new skill to survive in new surrounding environment. As he is passing from infancy to childhood which is period of birth to age of 2 year, he gets physical as well as somewhat mental development and then he crosses the early childhood which is from age 2 to 6 year and then he enters in middle childhood. (Laura E. Berk, page 5and 168, (2013) Middle childhood is the stage start when children actually start to develop rapidly, fast physical growth, uneven growth of muscles and bones and organs start. The period of middle childhood is from age of 6 to 11 or 6 to 12 of life cycle. This is stage where child’s physical, emotional, social and mental development occurs rapidly, and his outdoor environment as well as his genes affected his development. (Laura E. Berk, page 234-235, (2013) I also passed from this period of development and here I want to share some experience during my middle childhood development. I was born in
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