How Enzymes Affect The Rate Of A Reaction Without Being Used Up

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INTRODUCTION Background Information: A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a reaction without being used up itself. Enzymes are particular catalysts that speed up chemical reactions, but remain unchanged at the end. Enzymes are protein molecules, they are composed of chains of amino acids which function as catalysts and speed up reactions in living organisms without the need to raise the temperature of the reaction. Enzymes are specific for one reaction and lower the activation energy of a chemical reaction, they do this by making the substrate unstable and therefore more likely to bond. Due to the nature of the active site, enzymes are very sensitive to changing conditions such as pH change. Enzymes work in a narrow pH…show more content…
Detergent will be added, which will produce oxygen and water and therefore foam will be formed in a measuring cylinder which can be used to estimate the rate of enzyme activity. Changes to the concentration of the pH away from its optimum pH (pH 7.0) can have permanent changes to the active site. This can cause the enzyme to be either inactivated or denatured. The importance of the experiment is to understand the biological functions of an enzyme and its importance in the body. The equation for this reaction is: Catalase Hydrogen Peroxide Water + Oxygen 2H2O2 2H2O + O2 Aim: To investigate the effect of changing pH levels on catalase activity. Hypothesis: If pH increases , amount of foam will be increased until reaching the optimum level, then decrease. Variables: Dependent Variable: The amount of foam produced by catalyst Independent Variable: PH of hydrogen peroxide Controlled Variables: Amount of hydrogen peroxide, amount of detergent, size of liver cubes, all the liver cubes came from the same source, temp of room, The time given (1 min) Safety: Closed shoes were worn to prevent broken glass or chemicals to get in contact with feet. Knifes were handled with care to prevent
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