How Erp / Crm / Ecommerce Integrations Can Create A World Class B2b Platform

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How ERP/CRM/eCommerce Integrations Can Create BI Integrating ERP and CRM systems with eCommerce operations is at the heart of creating a world-class B2B platform, and these integrations also generate some attractive side benefits such as the ability to gather business intelligence. Regardless of whether companies process that intelligence with self-service or specialized BI analytics software, the right ERP and CRM integrations are essential to the processes of mining data, connecting securely with third-party intelligence resources and predicting and responding to customer behavior. Gathering business intelligence from existing operations is one of the best ways to foster competitive advantages by generating real-time, actionable insights that proactively guide customers to a sale while preventing them from abandoning the website. About 57 percent of shoppers will abandon a website after three seconds unless they find a reason to stay, so getting real-time BI is crucial for refining content to maximize impact and answer tough questions from busy product researchers.[1] Only full ERP and CRM integrations can handle the challenges that gathering relevant business intelligence generates for B2B marketers. These challenges include providing customers with mobile-friendly sites and social media connections because Facebook has 678 million users that access the media juggernaut only from mobile phones, and 65 percent of users access the site from mobile devices every day.[1]

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