How Ethical Leadership is Associated with Employee Output and Organizational Culture

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For an effective and long term success for managers in leadership position, managers have to set an example with high moral standards and conduct that is shown in their daily activities. This kind of leadership qualities must be exerted in their everyday talk, actions, and conduct in the work environment. Today, there’s more demand to be more progressive and efficient in the work place with no room for error (Veiga, Golden, & Dechant, 2004). Also, there has been an increase in consciousness about an individual’s rights, bring in the concern about an employees’ treatment within a jobsite. Issues of ethical and moral conduct of leadership are being scrutinized more than ever before (Veiga et al., 2004).
This study it will analyze how
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With the described traits and characteristics used in combination with each other, one has the potential to be an effective ethical leader. Given the positive attributes listed, there is more to consider on how a leader promotes ethical conduct. Consciously, managing ethics and practicing accountability to everyone inside the organization (Gardner, 2003; Toor & Ofori, 2009; Trevino & Brown, 2004). This would allow no favoritism inside the organization and help foster a culture of trust, morality, and accountability that employees would desire.
In researching the manager’s leadership ethical standards and the culture in the work environment, a qualitative experiment would be launched to gather data from the firm’s employees on their thoughts and attitudes of leaders in the firm and the work culture. Essentially, the research will be designed to answer the questions about the leadership roles in the company. The questions to be answered about the employee’s leadership position are:
1. How do employees perceive their manager’s ethical leadership?
2. How are the managers’ perceived ethical leader effect employee outcomes and organizational culture?
3. How are the manger-subordinate relationships affected by the manager’s ethical leadership in the organization?
The study will sample all employees who have direct and
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