How Ethics Affects Our Lives

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Every day we make decisions but do we ever really thing about what influences those decisions? The answer to that is most likely no but if the answer happens to be yes, then the reason behind the decision is probably “I wanted that.., I thought it was right.., or maybe, it sounded good….” Those are all valid reasons for making the decisions we do but often times the decisions we make have roots in the morals taught to us as children. When we think about morals we don’t really think of the affect they have on us. Most of the time the set of morals, ethics, which we are taught as children follow us into adulthood and they influence all the people we come in contact with. Ethics are very powerful motivating forces in our lives but there is no one set of ethics that is right all the time. Usually when making personal choices we use the ethics that are best for our person and those we care for. However, when making decisions for the public we often choose what would be best for the most people. There are two other types of ethics that are a bit harder to use every day, those are moral right, which attempts to maintain the rights of everyone, and the justice view which attempts to do right by following a set of procedures or laws. These various types of ethics may be right and they may be wrong depending on the situation and who you ask. When it comes to ethics there is no one answer and you probably won’t get or make the same decision twice. In the following paragraphs we will be…

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