How Ethics Influences Leadership

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How Ethics Influences Leadership In order to draw a correlation of ethics to leadership and provide an overview, I find that I must first place the elements of the correlation into the following contextual reference: definitions offered in the textbook, the objectives of the lesson(s), and finally our societal or cultural paradigms at play. In our textbook Supervision by Certo, ethics is defined as the principles by which people distinguish what is morally right and leadership as the management function of influencing people to act or not act in a certain way (Certo, 2008). With these definitions in mind, one could make the assumption that this overview might dare attempt to capture the essence of how ethics influences good…show more content…
The resulting ethical chaos is created when; people demand their right to their own subjective standards that may change from situation to situation. This trend of relativism is supported if not encouraged by education and government and is an apparent reversal of our society’s paradigm for fair-play whereas once our decisions were based on ethics, now our ethics are based on our decisions – simply put, if it’s good for me, then it’s good (Maxwell J. C., 2003). In light of the recent financial catastrophes, there appears to be an increasing desire for ethical dealings in business. Maxwell suggests that there is currently a trend in the marketplace that seems to be placing more value on integrity, taking a longer view of strategies, and setting more realistic or conservative goals, though the jury is still out regarding the effectiveness of implementation and execution in changing the corporate money-making climate. Despite the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which sets the standard for corporate accountability and penalties for wrongdoing, some experts believe the responsibility for maintaining an ethical environment is up to management (Jackson, 2005). With the contextual relationship that has been demonstrated, one could conclude that the influences that ethical standards hold with good leadership is they are inseparable. More
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