How Ethics Is Important For Business Environment

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Ethics is a system of moral principles and standards that direct us to the behavior that is acceptable from the society. It is a combination of our good habits, our duties that we should accomplish, and the impression we leave on others based on our behavior. Ethics lay the foundation for the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong in a particular situation and how to deal with situations that do not have a clear course of action to follow. It is vital to study ethics to improve our social skills, to distinguish what is right and wrong, and be able to apply our ethical knowledge and skills that is considered to be the best solution for the specific situation.
Understanding business ethics is important for business environment. Business ethics is set of rules, practices, and policies that are applied in business environment. The concept of business ethics is simple and straightforward: what is right or wrong in the business environment and how everyone should act. It is essential to keep everyone’s attention to ethics in the workplace to ensure morality and to deal with the ethical and complex issues that are inevitable in business environment. Amongst all the reading I’ve done, I have found five quotes that I believe accurately summarizes the contents of business ethics. The five quotes that I have chosen today from five different authors will help me explain and show my understanding on what business ethics is.
Adam Smith’s quote from the Inquiry into the
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