How Evolution Has Affected Our Lives Today

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How Evolution has Affected our Lives today Josh Calloway 11th Mr. Shurtleff A3 Concurrent History Josh Calloway Mr. Shurtleff A3 Concurrent History 27 February 2015 The Theory of Evolution and its Importance Charles Darwin made the theory of evolution by natural selection and when he did the world was thrown into chaos. He had came up with an idea so powerful and so life altering that it has changed our world forever. Some said it was blasphemy and it should be shunned and ignored. This struck home for darwin as he was a very religious man. Some said it was the absolute truth and proved that god didn’t exist. While others believed in the theory of evolution and in god at the same time. How does a single man develop such a theory such an idea that the very roots of society are ripped up when he explains it to the world? The answer is he doesn’t. Charles Darwin wasn’t the only man who had thought of evolution he was just the first to publish an exact definition and explanation of what the theory was. But what is the theory of evolution by natural selection? and most importantly out of all these questions. How has evolution been used and applied today to change our lives? And if so how and in what magnitude has it changed our individual lives? The Forming of The Theory of Evolution The theory of evolution wasn’t formed in a day. It wasn’t even formed in a year it was formed over years of observation from many men just like Charles Darwin. One of the many men
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